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NOTE: This is in an Asian context, not a Western one.

Hello! For all those people who know where Singapore is, good for you 🙂 But for those who don’t, we’re actually a small country right below Malaysia. We’re NOT in China. I’ll be talking about Asians in general, so I guess it doesn’t really matter where I am, as long as I’m in Asia. I’m just clarifying for everyone 🙂

I’m a Chinese, and Chinese people, in general, tend to be more petite. It is especially so if they have the skinny gene (which my family does). When I say ‘petite’ here, I don’t just mean ‘small in stature’. I mean small in every part of their body. Small shoulders, small waist, small bust and small hips. In essence, their body type is that of a rectangle. Even if they’re not exactly petite, their body type is likely either that of a rectangle, or a pear.

If there were a skinny range, with the “skinniest” being ‘a stick’ and the “fattest” being ‘almost average’, I’d be at the ‘please eat more’ area (I actually eat more than almost all my female friends). I have slim arms, pretty slim legs and a small waist. In Singapore, that’s actually relatively common. What is not common here, is the presence of a bust. In the place where I shop at, apparently, a butt isn’t common either. I’m not saying that my bust/butt is enormous or anything similar, I’m just saying that my bust/butt is more distinct than most others here. That actually causes a few problems, especially when I’m shopping for clothes.

Bra shopping ♥

There have been many times where I’m shopping for bras and fall in love with one, only to realise that it doesn’t come in my size. It tends to go something like this:

*walks around looking at bras*


 stars in eyes

*looks at sizes available*

 are you serious Darn it.

Why would they do this to me??? Why would they get my expectations up so high, only to crush them like mosquitoes? WHY, SOMEONE TELL ME WHY T_T

♦ Shirt shopping ♦

Shirts tend to either 1) fit the bust but not the waist 2) fit the waist but not the bust 3) fit nowhere. Those that fit the bust tend to hang everywhere else. Those that fit the waist tend to be too tight around the bust. As I’m pretty skinny, there are also clothes that don’t fit both. Less than a quarter of my tops/dresses fit my body perfectly.

I have a top that has to be zipped up at the front. Every time I  wear it, the zipper comes down at least once as the top is pretty tight at the bust area. It would be better if I didn’t wear a bra with it, but then I’d look really flat as the shirt has a straight cut (which also means it’s too big around the waist).

There is another top which I have. It’s a crop top and it’s pretty low cut, so it comes with a band in the middle. When I tried to wear it, I realised that my girls looked like this:

pancake girls

Well, there goes my shirt. And my money.

Zip up shirts ♠

This is just. Horrible. I love zip up shirts and dresses a lot, so when I see a really nice zip up shirt, I’ll usually just buy it. Heh. I’ll be all happy with it and everything, until I actually have to WEAR it. Then it just becomes the most irritating and frustrating shit ever, because I can’t zip it to the top in one shot. I’ll probably be able to zip it smoothly until the last 1-2 inches, where I’ll be stuck for the next 5 minutes or so. Most of the zip up shirts are for the more flat-chested people, so when I try to wear them, I just end up hopping around while attempting to maneuver myself into a position where I can actually zip up the rest of my shirt. In the end, the zip still ends up going down a bit so GAH. GAHHHHHHHHH.

♣ Pants shopping

I decided to go shorts shopping just two days ago. When I went into the store, I picked out 4 shorts that I liked and tried them on. Out of the 4, I couldn’t get 2 of them past my butt. 1 of them fit my butt nicely, but was way too big at the abdomen area. The last one was just plain unflattering. This was my face after all the trying:

are you kidding me

The whole “fits at the butt but not at the abdomen” thing actually happens a lot with my pants, particularly with my jeans. I guess that means that most people are pretty flat at the butt. Oh well, you can’t have everything.


Anyway, even though I keep complaining about all this stuff, I’m pretty satisfied with my body. Every body type has problems, so we can’t really say which body type is better than which. The important thing is to love your body and be healthy. That’s really all that matters in the end. If any of you have similar problems/have anything else to add, you can tell me by commenting on the post! 🙂 Thanks for reading!