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Noah and Sadie have seen death, and it holds no fear for them. Madness does, though. And losing each other. But they will not sit back, helpless witnesses to an invisible apocalypse. The world is being destroyed from the inside out. It’s time to take up the fight once more, in the streets and in the nano. And they’ll give everything they have to stop the Armstrong Twins. But are the Twins the ultimate enemy? Nobody has ever known the identity of Lear, the shadowy leader of BZRK. Just who have they been fighting for? As madness spreads like a plague, one thing becomes terrifyingly clear: this was Lear’s game all along. And Lear hasn’t been playing fair.


Rating: 3.5/5

*spoilers alert*

There’s only one word to describe how I was feeling throughout the book, and that’s horrified. I was horrified at the violence. I was horrified at the gore. I was horrified at Lear.

I’m not gonna lie, this book contains some crazy shit. Ok, not some, a lot of crazy shit. The way that people’s madness is portrayed, gods, I’m gonna get nightmares. My face probably looked like this half the time.


In this bat-shit crazy book, we finally see the war between the nanobots and the biots coming to an end. Happiness versus free will, just which side will prevail? However, giving people free will isn’t what Lear wants. To Lear, this is all just a game to be played, and the game can only result in death or madness.

I felt like the main characters in this series were lacking in quite a lot of depth. I expected to grieve for Noah, but all I felt was a mild sadness. Noah is my favourite character in this series, and I didn’t even cry for him. He actually called Sadie out! HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE SOMEONE WHO MANAGED TO GET THROUGH SADIE’S THICK SKULL. I did feel a pang for Nijinksy and the Twins, but for most of the others, I barely registered their deaths at all. As for Sadie, I couldn’t really empathise with all the pain that she felt. She just didn’t seem like a real person to me. I couldn’t really tell you much about her except that she’s 16, smart, and wants revenge. Oh, and that she likes/loves Noah. Yup, that’s about all I know about her.

The violence in this book. Where do I even start. The way that people died was described very vividly. So vividly that even now, 3 days after I finished the book, I still get nauseous just thinking about it. The mental image of Nijinsky’s death will forever be seared into my brain. The deaths were all so gruesome. The scenes of madness were just plain terrifying. No amount of words would be able to express my horror at the gore in this book.

Even though I seriously could not stand the  violence and gore (and I read the Jasper Dent series, mind you), I cannot fault the writing of the book. I have never had any problems with Michael Grant’s writing. He’s one of my favourite authors ever. I also liked that we were kept guessing up until the end. All in all, I can’t say that I’d definitely recommend it, but it’s good enough, I guess.

It could be real, and dangerous, and deadly, and yet still be a game, he thought.