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Devastated by the loss of her friend and under constant threat from an unknown spy at Cimmeria Academy, Allie Sheridan is finding it hard to cope.

In Fracture, the third book in the Night School series, she’s not the only one losing it – everything is falling apart. And when Nathaniel begins to reveal his game plan, Isabelle starts to lose control.

As the school slides into a deadly morass of paranoia and suspicion, everyone is guilty until proved innocent. Anyone can be held without proof, and convicted without a trial. No one is safe.

This time Nathaniel doesn’t need to hurt them. This time they’re hurting themselves.


WARNING: Spoiler alert! Rant alert! Long post alert!

Rating: 3.5/5

The first 80 pages of the book was honestly a 0/5 for me. I ABSOLUTELY HATED THE FIRST 80 PAGES. I was so mad and annoyed to the point where I started to consider putting the series down for good. Unfortunately for me, I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS for short) and so I paid for my rage by spending 30 minutes in the toilet, trying to breathe through the pain in my abdomen. Darn it, I’m using a heat pack now because I’m still having cramps.

Anyway, those 80 pages were such a nightmare to get through. It was so difficult for me to keep reading because of all the pure idiocy that happened. I get it, Allie was devastated by Jo’s death. But the way that she dealt with it was beyond stupid. Distancing herself from people? Okay, I get it, I do that too when I’m upset. But running away without any money, mode of transport, or a concrete plan? GIRL, YOU DUMB. You know that Nathaniel is out there waiting to get his hands on you, and what do you do? RUN RIGHT INTO HIS ARMS.

angry must resist

banging head against wall





I was so glad that Isabelle called her out. I wasn’t sure I could have taken much more of her daft actions.

‘I know you’ve been through a lot over the last few months, but your reaction to Jo’s death was to strike out at the people who love you most,’ she’d said. ‘You hurt those people very badly. You never seemed to realise this fact: they were grieving, too. You’ve been cold to Rachel for weeks, so she’s gone through this painful time alone. And you’ve virtually ignored Zoe. She thinks of you as a big sister. She needed you but were too self-absorbed to be there for her.’

slow clap

Thank you, Isabelle. Allie really needed to stop with her extravagant pity party.

After the horrible start, the book got much better. Allie began to mature, although I felt like her actions were occasionally still… Questionable. She didn’t really get back to the whole “Boo hoo hoo woe is me” state, which was freaking wonderful. She did, however, go running off after some guy in the middle of the night. She also made Nicole and Zoe go to a creepy chapel with her at night. I’m not sure that I’m not upset at her for putting her friends in a potentially dangerous situation. These were the only two times in the rest of the book where I found her actions slightly reckless, so I forgive her for them.

I was really proud of her towards the end. She really showed us that she’d grown through all the experiences. I think I started to like her again in the last 80 pages.

‘Can I see the note, Allie?’ Raj held out his hand.

For a second, she hesitated. A few weeks ago, she wouldn’t have let anyone see this note. She would have run out there to try and get Rachel all on her own. And Rachel probably would have died.

But she’d learned. She’d watched the others sacrifice themselves for her, for Jo. She’d seen them take chances that could have cost them everything they cared about.

She trusted them. She believed in them.

So she turned to where they stood watching her. Catching her eye, Sylvain nodded once.

Only then did she pull the crumpled, blood-stained page from her pocket and hold it out to Raj.


a round of applause

But enough about her. Let’s talk about the other characters!

Rachel is such a darling. She’s so sweet and brave. She’s also such a nerd that I can’t help but love her. Even though Allie treated her like trash for a while, she never blamed Allie for it. She was just so supportive of Allie throughout the book. I would love to have her as a friend.

Zoe is so cute and perky. She’s always so eager to help, but she always gets denied because Allie and the rest think that she’s too young. Although, in the end, they tend to relent because she’s the best person for the job. She has Aspergers, which sometimes causes her to say, er, inappropriate things, but that doesn’t matter. She’s lively, enthusiastic, and so endearing that nothing else matters.

Nicole seems really sweet and cool. We didn’t see THAT much of her, but she seems like someone I’d want to be friends with. I wouldn’t want to be around her if I have something I want to keep to myself though; she’s pretty observant.

The character who surprised me the most is Katie Gilmore. I was completely taken aback at her actions. I didn’t know that she could be non-bitchy towards Allie and her gang. She also provided them with useful information, so I was all like “Huh.” I think I might just change my mind about her.

Now, let’s move on to the romance. I’m going to be talking about Carter and Sylvain here because their main roles in this book was as Allie’s love interest.

… Well, I honestly don’t really know what to say, except that I hate love triangles. I hate them. I. HATE. THEM. I also don’t know why Allie is embroiled in this ridiculous love triangle anyway. I would have just stayed with Carter all the way. After what Sylvain did in the first book, I don’t know how Allie even considered him as a love interest. I know that people on Team Sylvain would be like, “Oh Carter’s a jerk, Sylvain is SO NICE AND HE SAVED HER LIFE SO SHE SHOULD BE WITH HIM!!!” Well, let me give you a situation. Imagine that you have a daughter, and some guy drugged her and tried to force himself on her. After that, he saved her life. Would you forgive him COMPLETELY and let her date him? Honestly, would you? Him trying to rape her, and him saving her life are TWO SEPARATE INCIDENTS. One should not affect the other. Yes, I would be grateful to him. Yes, I would let them be friends. But would I entrust my daughter to him? NAH UH. NOT OVER MY DEAD, ROTTING, MAGGOT-INFESTED BODY.

Even though I choose Carter over Sylvain, he is another idiot. He needs to stop blowing hot and cold and confusing the f*** out of Allie. He also has a tendency to be a jerk for no reason, which is kind of annoying. He is already dating Jules, so being with Allie is a no-no right now. But he’s still being ridiculously nice to her, which is messing with her emotions.

Seriously, Allie darlin’, ya should just go solo. Ain’t nobody got time for those two when you have Nathaniel after you.

As horrible as the first part was, it got much better at the end, so I’ll be reading the next book. The writing was also decent, so it definitely made reading it easier. Recommended for people who don’t have IBS, don’t get annoyed easily, and can grit their teeth through the first part to get to the sweet ending.

‘Anyway. We need to be careful what we talk about. We don’t want him to overhear anything.’

‘Totally. It would be bad to be talking about penises when he walked up,’ Zoe said.

‘Zoe!’ Allie and Nicole said at once.

The younger girl blinked at them. ‘Well, it would, wouldn’t it?’

‘Yes,’ Allie said primly. ‘And you’re too young to talk about penises to anyone.’

‘Why?’ Zoe seemed puzzled. ‘How old do I need to be to talk about penises?’

‘Sixteen,’ Allie said. At the same moment, Nicole said,’Fourteen,’ and Rachel said, ‘Fifteen.’

Exchanging a look the three of them burst into giggles.

‘Older.’ Allie felt breathless and hysterical. ‘Just… older than now.’

Zoe glared at them. ‘I can talk about penises if I want to.’