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WARNING: Major spoiler alert. If you haven’t watched all episodes of “The Flash” so far and you’re planning to watch it, do not read this post. Repeat, do NOT read this post if you’re not entirely caught up with this series.

I have just watched the latest episode of “The Flash” (i.e. Season 2 Episode 22: Invincible), and I think it’s safe to say that my heart broke completely. I just cannot. It’s too much. The pain is just too much. I feel like a part of my soul has just been ripped out from me. No, I’m not exaggerating. I tend to get very attached to the people in any television series that I watch, especially if that person has a beautiful heart. I’m listening to “Cheap Thrills” by Sia right now (which is currently my favourite song), and I can’t even muster up enough energy to move my body. I’m THAT upset.

Henry Allen. You will be dearly missed. You might not have had a huge role in this series, but you helped shape Barry Allen into the amazing hero that he is right now. You gave him great advice, you inspired him, and you loved him with all your heart. Your love for your son made us fans love you. Now that you’re gone, we just… I just… I’m so upset I can’t speak. I know that I sound like a complete idiot because you’re fictional, but my heart is still feeling the pain all the same.

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Rest In Peace, Henry Allen. We will all miss you in Earth 1.

With my tribute to him done, I would like to ask, WHY CAN’T WE JUST HAVE ONE HAPPY EPISODE HUH. Every time we think that there’ll be a happy ending, BOOM, something bad happens. I don’t get it, do the producers and writers get off on ruining happy endings (or episodes) and making us cry? Like that time when Barry went back in time to save his mother. I already knew that he wasn’t going to save her in the end, and I was okay with it, because I think that their world is already great like that. So I was all happy about it, and I was like, “Okay, he might not have saved his mom, but he’s gonna kick Eobard’s ass, which makes me happy.” BUT WHAT HAPPENED IN THE END? He DIDN’T kick Eobard’s ass, and Eddie shot himself. Great, freaking fantastic. There was also the issue of Ronnie and Caitlin. They finally managed to get married after overcoming SO. MANY. OBSTACLES. But what happened? Ronnie had to merge with Professor Stein to save the world, but only Professor Stein came back alive.

Come, let me just give the producers and writers a round of applause for all their sadism.

a round of applause

(I know that they probably just followed the plot in the comic, but I’m upset, so just let me rant, ok?)

Despite all the heart-wrenching moments, there were also many moments that made my heart melt. The love that all the characters have for each other touches my heart deeply. Whenever two characters have an emotional conversation/moment, I can literally feel all the love radiating out from the screen, and it just warms my belly. Whether it’s romantic, platonic or familial, the relationships in this show are so well-portrayed that I can’t help but love all of it.

barry and iris.gifwells and jesse

Look at Harrison Wells and Jesse Quick :’)

There were other moments that just made me laugh out loud. I would say that most of those moments came from Cisco. That guy says the funniest things. His sense of humour is DA BOMB. Below are just a few instances where he made me look like a lunatic because I was laughing to myself.

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Man, I can’t wait to watch the final showdown between Zoom and Barry. It’s gonna be EPIC.