In my head, I have multiple friends. Well, not friends really, but my head is their home, so why not just call them friends?

This first friend is called Liz, short for Lizzy. She has frizzy hair. She gets anxious easily, because Worry is her last name. She likes to hop around and scream when she feels that way. When I don’t do what she wants, she shrieks even louder, until I give in. Lizzy is the most obnoxious one out of the three there. Always asking for my attention. Tsk.

The next friend is called Cat, short for Catherine. She’s always dressed in black. Such a goth, I know. Maybe because Sadness is her last name. She’s really quiet as she’s always tired. Cat is good friends with Liz, even though they’re complete opposites. She only raises her head when Liz is finally worn out or sleeping. She doesn’t ask for much, neither does she do much. She just sits there and waits for each day to slowly be over.

The last friend is called Dave, short for David. He just joined them recently, but he fits in really well. Probably because his last name is Flashbacks. He doesn’t show his face very often as he prefers to lurk in the background. Cat and Liz treat him as if he’s always been part of the family. If I ever see him, he’s always with either one of them. He also always bring pictures with him. Pictures that I don’t want to see, but he insists that I look at them anyway.

In my head, I have multiple friends. These friends of mine want to bring me to places that I don’t want to go to. Places that no one should have to go to. Sometimes I can resist, but sometimes I don’t have the strength to. And so I’ll be consumed by those dark places.